Marriage Licenses – June 17

Marriage licenses

Jessica Bush and Dusten Tharp, both of Whiteland

Matthew Irwin and Summer Thomas, both of Whiteland

Dustin McCormick and Rebekah Edwards, both of Franklin

Andrew Bishop and Maribeth Ruusma, both of Bargersville

Michael Collins and Adrienne Snoddy, both of Greenwood

Morgan Smith and Andrew Nuetzmann, both of Trafalgar

Kelsey Quest and Carlos Andaluz, both of Bargersville

Michael Okey and Deborah Tuohy, both of Greenwood

Jessie Boshell of Greenwood and Rachael Camp of Indianapolis

Joshua Anderson and Kayla Stevens, both of Greenwood

Juan Ramirez and Ellen Fredbeck, both of Franklin

Wilson Adams III and Sheri Maar-Daugherty, both of Trafalgar

Britney Tucher and Jonathan Raimondi, both of Greenwood

Emily Talbott and Samuel Burton, both of Edinburgh

Krislynn Norton and Herman Napier, both of Franklin

Deanna Dahman of Logansport and Nathaniel Hunnewell of Greenwood

Michael Mason and Taylor Rhoades, both of Franklin

William Estes and Jennifer Weber, both of Edinburgh

Chelsea Storms and Jack Stephenson, both of Greenwood

Tiffany Hooker and Jeffrey Alford, both of Greenwood

Beverly Meece and Kevin Tanner, both of Franklin

Haley Bolton and Jacob Myers, both of Greenwood

Molly Rhoades and Jacob Deckard, both of Franklin

John Reed of Greenwood and Lauren Henry of Franklin

Justin Smith and Robert Thayer, both of Greenwood