Marriage Licenses – June 10

Marriage licenses

Bradley Robinson of Greenwood and Alexandra Darling of Indianapolis

Ashley Sankari of Indianapolis and Michael Richmond of Franklin

Patricia Burton and David Young, both of Franklin

Jonathon Roberts of Prince’s Lakes and Chelsea May of Greenfield

Kalib Chime of Franklin and Emily Gentry of Fortville

Brittany Riegel and Christopher Engel, both of Franklin

Kayleigh Clear of Trafalgar and Andrew Strakis of Indianapolis

Sanjay Manglam and Brittany Deeds, both of Greenwood

Jacqueline Allen of Bargersville and Brian Hollander of Webster, New York

Bethany Davis and Zachary Monroe, both of Edinburgh

Shelby Scheeler and Adam Turley, both of Greenwood

Arthur Sullivan of Greenwood and Donna Raysin of Franklin

Haley Ault and Neal Lane, both of Franklin

Daniel McWherter and Cherish Helms, both of Greenwood

Michelin Bryant and Craig Buck, both of Franklin

Rachael Briggs and Joseph Thompson, both of Franklin

Cody Burns and Dacia Daniel, both of Whiteland

Charis Manuputy and Corey Campbell, both of Greenwood

Anthony Shell and Ajna Morrow, both of Greenwood

Lauren Graham and Sean Rodey, both of Greenwood

Charles Turner and Amber Williams, both of Whiteland

Taylor Robinson and Jesslyn Edwards, both of Greenwood

Nathan York of Greenwood and Chelsea Schneider of Indianapolis

Amanda Rainville and Craig Niehaus, both of Greenwood

Laura Justice and David Shockley of Beech Grove