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After a spirited postseason run, Franklin Community High School senior Nina Biasi and sophomore Daryn Hyneman had their girls tennis season end in Saturday’s championship match of the IHSAA Doubles Regional.

Originally scheduled to be played at Fishers High School, the matches were played indoors at the Indianapolis Racquet Club because of rain.

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After being down 4-3 in the first set, Biasi and Hyneman found their stride and defeated regional semifinal opponents Maia Van Buskirk and Emma Lady of Richmond 7-5, 6-1.

In the afternoon session, Biasi and Hyneman went back to work, hoping to complete a sweep on the day resulting in a doubles regional championship.

But the North Central team of sophomore Autumn Clark and senior Caroline McAuley earned 6-1, 6-0.

Biasi and Hyneman ended the season with a 16-7 record.

“I am very happy with our season. We played very well. I’m not disappointed at all,” Hyneman said.

Echoing her partner’s comments, Biasi said the season has been satisfying.

“Daryn really impacted me about having a good relationship with your partner,” Basi said. “I think that really taught me that if you have a good attitude, it just makes the season a lot more fun.”

Longtime Franklin coach Rusty Hughes had nothing but praise for his doubles team.

“I like the progress of how they grew over a period of time,” Hughes said. “We started the year as a rather average doubles team and by mid-season I thought we were a little above average. And by the end of the season, I thought we were a pretty good doubles team.

“We were among the last 12 doubles teams competing in the state tournament. I think it’s important to have two people that play together like each other. The second important ingredient, I think you have to have two people that are pretty smart.”