Validation of hard work

Self-motivation was always a problem for the No. 2 student at Center Grove High School.

Amrit Parihar knew he had to get started early on homework and projects, but he still would push his classwork aside from time-to-time, Parihar said.

“I have to push myself to start early, but I always get projects done,” Parihar said. “I do try to get projects done early, but sometimes I still slacked off.”

Parihar always wanted to get the best grades possible in class, he said.

Last week, Parihar found out he had the second-highest GPA in his graduating class, he said.

Parihar knew he was one of the top 20 students at Center Grove last month, when the list was announced. But at that time, Parihar knew he had the fourth-highest GPA — and was not expecting to bypass two other people to get the No. 2 spot, he said.

“It’s a pleasant surprise,” Parihar said. “I was shooting for top 20. I worked hard in high school, and I wanted that validation of that hard work.”

While in high school, Parihar juggled multiple leadership roles in four school-affiliated clubs and volunteered at Community Hospital South.

Making patients feel welcome at the hospital and seeing doctors and nurses working re-enforced his decision to study biochemistry, he said.

In the final days before his graduation ceremony this weekend, Parihar will be perfecting his speech, he said.

“It’s very difficult because you don’t want to write something that’s been said before,” Parihar said.

The Parihar File

Name: Amrit Parihar

Age: 18

High school: Center Grove High School

GPA: 4.739

College: Indiana University

Major: Biochemistry

Parents: Mahendra and Seema Singh

Extracurricular activities: Student government, National Honor Society, French Club and French National Honor Society