Unlocked cars in Franklin rummaged through

At least 10 vehicles were rummaged through in a Franklin neighborhood Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

The vehicles were unlocked, and residents discovered that their belongings had been gone through early Thursday, according to Franklin Police Department reports.

Police are reminding residents that the best deterrent is a locked vehicle.

Residents of five homes in the Woodfield Village neighborhood on Hospital Road, west of U.S. 31, reported that at least nine vehicles had been entered, according to the reports.

Across the road, a car parked on Wild Ivy Trail also had been gone through.

Most residents reported that nothing had been taken from the vehicles. In two incidents, a small amount of change was missing, the reports said.

Residents should lock their vehicles, even when they are parked in their driveways, Franklin police deputy chief Chris Tennell said.

“In Franklin, most thefts from vehicles occur when thieves are pulling on door handles and entering unlocked vehicles,” Tennell said.

“Oftentimes, criminals will enter unlocked vehicles, the path of least resistance, and not force entry into locked vehicles.”