Marriage Licenses – June 3

Marriage licenses

Levi Davis and Linsey Steckel, both of Franklin

Sandra Wood and Bobby Cochran, both of Nineveh

Angela Groover and Amy Ritchhart, both of Franklin

Cassandra Slick and Brandon Davis, both of Greenwood

Charles White of Lexington, Kentucky and Rosalee Ryker of Greenwood

Janet Knox of Franklin and James Rector of Brazil

Chante Johnson and Benjamin Sanders, both of Greenwood

Kortny Wilson and Christopher Wingate, both of Franklin

Shelby Griffin and Matthew Donenfeld, both of Greenwood

Megan Stretshberry and Jonathan Bryant, both of Greenwood

Diem Nguyen an Doanh Nguyen, both of Greenwood

Daniel Henigsmith and Danielle Ryle, both of Whiteland

Clyde Gaw and Elsie Whitlock, both of Edinburgh

Troy Bryant and Shelby Becraft, both of Edinburgh

Brianna Duff and Phillip Owens, both of Greenwood

Kris Larson and Marina De Sola, both of Greenwood

Mark Wolfgram and Cynthia Grider, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Scott and Nina Cutrell, both of Greenwood

Christopher Gossett and Joni Sears, both of New Whiteland

Hillary Lindstrom of Greenwood and Joshua Erkman of Evansville

Andrea Snead and Allen Harville, both of Greenwood

Christina Hart and Roy Sturgeon III, both of Franklin