Letter: Schools should be safe place for students

To the editor:

Every child deserves a safe space. No child or teen should be forced into an intimate setting with a person of the opposite sex, such as a restroom or locker room. Center Grove School Corp. would be subjecting itself to certain liability if any child were to encounter harm or imposed harm in such a setting. (“As discussion about transgender issues grows, students and activists come together seeking equality,” May 21).

Biology, not feelings, should determine who is allowed into which locker room or restroom. Allowing boys into girls’ locker rooms or girls into boys’ locker rooms is an invasion of privacy and a direct threat to a child’s safety.

It is common sense that an 18-year-old senior young man being allowed to enter a girls’ locker room where a 14-year-old freshman girl is changing her clothes because he “identifies” as female is wrong in every way. I will not stand for Center Grove School Corp. to adopt any kind of policy where this is even considered.

I will stand up for my child to be in a safe, nonthreatening setting when using the restroom or locker room. It is the legal liability and duty of officials put in charge of our children to protect them and look out for their safety at all times under their care.

Accommodations can and should be made for students who have different preferences without compromising the legal rights and privacy of other children. Contact Center Grove Superintendent Rich Arkanoff and the Center Grove school board members in opposition to allowing transgender students to use whichever restroom or locker room they currently “identify” with. Protect our children and make our schools a safe place for all students.

Brian Wilson