Letter: Can anyone trust government?

To the editor:

Regarding the May 17 guest column (“Privacy vs. Justice,” by Cyrus Vance Jr., Jackie Lacey and Bonnie Dumanis):

The article fails to note that the Chinese and Russians and every other nation and bad actor, criminal hacker, etc., will also be able to access/hack into your private email, credit card numbers and personal information that would be used to steal your identity.

Surely there were crimes that went unsolved before there were smart phones. The NSA just recently pointed out to the presidential campaigns that the Chinese and others were and have been working to hack their computers to gain information for their own purposes.

I personally don’t believe even our own government when they say “trust us … we wouldn’t do you wrong.” If you believe that you should look into what the FBI and CIA and NSA have done in secret to citizens who were not criminals in the name of “justice” and “security.”

Britt Dickinson