Recount approved for district 36

A state commission has approved a recount of the votes for two State Senate District 36 candidates.

The votes for Democratic candidates Jesse Kharbanda and Sean Gorman will be counted again sometime this summer, after a recount was approved by the Indiana State Recount Commission on Thursday.

Kharbanda submitted a petition for a recount last week, since he and Gorman are separated by 37 votes, with Gorman slightly ahead.

More than 800 residents of Johnson County voted in the Democratic race for the District 36 seat, which includes parts of White River Township and southern Marion County. More than 91 percent of the votes came from Marion County.

State officials are still determining how they will recount the votes. The recount does not have to be done until mid-August, when the state finalizes the candidates who will be on the ballot in the general election.