Start marriage right with sensible finance steps

As sure as the summer sun fills the sky, the Saturdays in June and July will be filled with wedding bells.

Young brides and grooms are full of promise and hope, but the odds are stacked against many couples. Learning how to share a life can be challenging. If you are getting married this summer or know someone who is, consider encouraging them to begin practicing these principles as soon as possible.


The dress, the hair, the nails, the centerpieces, the cake, the tuxes, the venue … planning a wedding involves so many working parts.

Don’t get me started on how expensive the whole pursuit of matrimony can be. Early on in our engagement, a couple passed a piece of wisdom on to us that we’ve recycled to countless couples since.

“Spend more time concentrating on your marriage than your wedding.”

The simple advice means that brides and grooms should prepare more for the actual marriage than they do the service and celebration at the commencement of their marriage. From premarital counseling to having difficult conversations, the soon-to-be husband and wife should sink more time developing healthy habits and preparing for a relationship that will hopefully long outlive the single-day festivities of a wedding.

Budget together

Money arguments rank among the leading causes for marital stress and divorce. Often couples clash about finances due to a lack of communication.

The earlier married men and women can begin budgeting together, the better. From discussions of shared financial goals to realistic limits in categories of spending, newlyweds or those getting ready to say “I do” must begin their journey together by getting on the same page.

Whether you choose to work through a book or online resource or talk to a trusted friend or counselor, seek some outside help and then formulate a plan you can both be excited about. If you have no idea where to begin, I offer a number of free printable budget forms on Queen of Free (you can find them here:

If you need to purchase a wedding gift this summer, skip the crystal vase and buy resources to help the lucky couple begin their journey together on a solid financial foundation. It just might be the most very useful gift they receive.

Register with wisdom

I remember it like yesterday. My dashing fiancé and I whipped through the store aisles with one of those scanners like it was a laser gun.

If you know a young couple who is beginning the daunting task of registering for wedding gifts, give them some wisdom about items that have been beneficial and guidance on what can be skipped. If you’re to marry and have not yet registered, ask a married couple of many years which gifts they were most grateful they received and what they wish they would have had starting out.

While the china place settings are lovely, you’ll more than likely not pull them out very often. The fancy linens, expensive decor, and high priced power tools might not be your best bet either. Be sure you seek wisdom and register for the items you really need that will last the longest.

Beginning a life together in marriage is exciting. Focus on the essentials in your relationship to make your union last for decades to come.