Bus from adult care center turn on side, no injuries reported

Nobody was injured when a bus belonging to an Indianapolis adult care center collided with a van at a Greenwood intersection Friday.

The accident happened about 6:30 a.m. at the intersection of Yorktown and Smith Valley roads. A bus from Active Day, an adult care center located in Indianapolis, was headed east on Smith Valley Road when it was clipped by a van crossing the intersection, according to the accident report.

The collision caused the bus to tip onto its side, the report said. 

Leehua Chong, 48, Greenwood, was headed south on Yorktown Road and said she did not see the bus when she crossed into the intersection, the police report said.

Allan Evans, 66, Greenwood, was driving the bus, which had one passenger on board.

No one was seriously injured in the accident, Greenwood Fire Chief James Sipes said.

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