Letter: Local governments similar to fascists

To the editor:

Upon reading a local news station’s interview with the mayor of Greenwood regarding his consideration of a non-discrimination ordinance — which is really giving special rights to a specific group of people — I was once again reminded why career politicians are so out of touch with the people.

Interestingly enough, the mayor repeatedly used the first name of the primary activist, which seems to indicate a less than unbiased position. It appears that one person or just a few people are behind the mayor’s desire to impose his social engineering on our city. He claims there is a community of these people, when in reality I’m sure they make up less than fraction of 1 percent, if even that.

The issue isn’t about religious freedom versus other people’s rights but rather it is about a core principle of Americanism, which is the right to associate or not associate with whomever we like. Governments that attempt to force people to associate are no better than fascist nations.

There are already courses of action a person can take if they believe they are being mistreated. We do not need special laws for this class or that class of people. What is next? Special rights that allow pedophiles access to our children? We the people are getting sick of politicians doing this to us. Politicians love to claim America is a democracy, but I bet if Greenwood put this issue to a referendum it would go down in flames.

A few years back I ran for city council because I was sick of all the cronyism that was in the council then. I am considering running for mayor because I don’t want to see my home turned into a social engineering experiment by some bleeding heart politician who thinks he is god.

Roderick Edwards