Marriage Licenses – May 13

Marriage licenses

Mark Lewis of Franklin and Kelly Lanham of Danville, Kentucky

Melissa Chumbley of Franklin and Richard Duke of Morgantown

Johnnathan Bills of Bargersville and Courtney Thompson of Greenwood

Christopher Dale and Jessica Buckley, both of Greenwood

Richard Pratt and Ciara Ferrand, both of Greenwood

David Sable and Angela Mooney, both of Greenwood

Heather Woodlee and Christopher Hamman, both of Greenwood

Melinda Cheshier of Greenwood and Todd Bowles of Bargersville

Eric Case of Franklin and Leticia Robledo of Franklin

Keelie Allen of Indianapolis and Jimmy Burkett II of Greenwood

Kylie Lanfels of Franklin and Ronald Hawkins of Mooresville

Patrick Zeid of Lafayette and Hillary DeKoninck of Greenwood

Donald Hendershot and Tamara Hendershot, both of Greenwood

Sondra Plummer of Indianapolis and Larry Chapman of Trafalgar

Lindsey Black of Greenwood and Joshua Eads of Bargersville

Heather Falks and Ryan Meek, both of Greenwood

Angela Byrd and Mark Patterson, both of Greenwood

Dominque Williams and India Robinson, both of Greenwood

Renae Sanders and Justin Wyatt, both of Greenwood

Steven Hall and Christen Taylor, both of Greenwood

Megan Branson and Jonathan Savoy, both of Greenwood

Kyle Willhelm of Bargersville and Krista Nale of Pekin

Wesley Shelton of Franklin and Stephanie Johnson of Muncie