YMCA expands membership offerings

Local YMCA members now can use their memberships at any location across the state.

The new agreement — My Y is Every Y in Indiana — will let Hoosiers visiting other places in the state use all membership perks — whether for fitness classes, youth sports or the local pool — anywhere in Indiana.

Indiana is one of the newest state YMCA associations to adopt the agreement. Indianapolis-area YMCA members already, such as those who had memberships with the Baxter YMCA on the southside, can use other locations within the city, but this new agreement is aimed at travelers, said Linda Server, association director of membership sales for the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis. Before the new agreement, members who visited YMCA locations less than 50 miles away would have to pay fees.

Now, members who travel from Evansville to Indianapolis on business or for a day trip, for example, can take advantage of the facilities — particularly the pools — this summer, she said.

“Outdoor pools will be a big draw for smaller communities that may not have outdoor swimming pools,” she said.

The YMCA still asks that members use their home facilities more than half the time, she said.

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Anna Herkamp is an editorial assistant at the Daily Journal. She can be reached at aherkamp@dailyjournal.net or 317-736-2712.