Film Fest Tester-Mujkanovic

Why did you want to create this film?

“What we wanted to do was see what we could do and push the boundaries.” — Tester

Where did you get your inspiration?

“Any undercover cop movie ever.” — Mujkanovic

Once you decided to do it, how did you pull this off?

“First, we wanted to actually solidify the idea. Then, we needed to have a bigger cast than what we usually work with, so we asked around to friends to see if they would work with us. One of our friend’s family owns a warehouse in Indianapolis, so we could shoot there. It was very lucky we had that.” — Mujkanovic

How do you feel about the finished product?

“I’m happy with about 90 percent of it. I can never be fully happy with anything I produce. It was a ton of editing, but I think in the end, it paid off. This was definitely a good learning experience about the filmmaking process and what goes into it.” — Tester

What drew you toward filmmaking in the first place?

“I love movies in general, and I’ve always been curious about behind-the-scenes stuff. I’d always watch movies to see how they did certain things. When I first got into high school, I would see what they did (in telecommunications class) and think it was cool. So I joined my sophomore year.” — Mujkanovic

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