Film Fest Kreuzman

“In God’s Hands”

Creator: Emily Kreuzman, senior, Roncalli High School

Type: Documentary

Why did you want to enter the film festival?

I want to go into either film or theater or writing — something where I can tell stories. I like to tell stories wherever I can. I’m not a moviemaker or anything, but the storytelling part is what I like.

What were the challenges of making this film?

“I was really nervous at first. The first person I asked didn’t want to be filmed, so that made me more discouraged. But there were two other houses we had to go to, and we asked them, and they were so happy to tell their stories.”

What did you learn about Appalachia from the experience?

“It’s hard to explain. Their stories were amazing. They’ve been through so much. I went into it kind of judging them, seeing their houses and wondering how they can let their place go. But I couldn’t think like that — I didn’t know their story.”

What did you learn from the people you spoke with?

“They were so gracious toward God; their religion was so strong. They were in these horrible situations, but they didn’t feel like they were. I thought that was amazing.”

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