Film Fest Hatfield

What is “Exit” about?

“It’s a fictional story about this girl who is sent to detention after skipping class. Her teacher lectures her about why she shouldn’t do that, but when the teacher leaves, the power goes out. Then the girl can’t find anybody in the school, it’s completely empty. All of these unnatural occurrences start happening.”

How did you come up with that idea?

“The story was written by me and my friend. We were kind of doing it for a project for school. I wanted something to make the audience feel suspenseful, and something that would grab their attention. I think this idea is really unique.”

What is it about filmmaking that you enjoy?

“It’s a hobby of mine. I’ve been doing this for about six years, and I’ve been trying to improve my skill every time I make a new project. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing — I love seeing how films come together, and how the filmmakers do it in such a distinct way. I really wish it could be a career. The chances are very slim, but it’s a dream of mine.”

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