Linette Bledsoe

Home: Southside Indianapolis

Media: Plaster and acrylics

Style: Experimenting with different mediums, creating lots of texture. Various subject matter, including trees, florals and most recently lots of animals.

What drew you toward that style of art?

“I’m a decorative artist, so I do a lot of murals, faux painting and finishes in people’s houses and businesses. So I use a lot of texture in plaster. A few years ago, I was doing just straight (two-dimensional) paintings, and I was getting very bored. I decided to use the plasters in my artwork, and never stopped. Everything is always an experiment, and I just have fun with it.”

What do you have planned for the open house?

“I like to carve things out of wet plaster, and I’ve been experimenting recently with going outside the canvas. So taking the edges outside the traditional square. For the open house, I’ll be unveiling my animals. Almost all of those are in a gallery right now in Valparaiso, so I’ll be driving those back down here for the show.”

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