Couple loses more than $5,000 in scam

A Trafalgar couple lost more than $5,000 in a sweepstakes scam.

The couple was first contacted about a year ago by a man who said they had won more than $3.5 million and a car, but that they needed to send $1,500 for fees, according to a report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

The man also told them to send another $270 for taxes for the IRS, the report said.

The couple sent the money and then were told they needed to send another $3,500 for IRS issues.

They got a check in the mail for $4,500 and were told to send $3,500 and keep the rest, the report said.

After depositing the check and waiting a few days, they sent the $3,500 and then were later told that the check had bounced, the report said.

Both the man and woman received the same check. When he tried to cash his, the bank denied it, the report said.

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