Tax bills slightly up in county

If you’ve already opened your property tax bill, you’re likely paying more this year.

And if you’re a homeowner, those chances are even greater.

Across the county, about 59 percent of tax bills increased this year, while about 28 percent decreased and 13 percent stayed the same.

The numbers were slightly more for homeowners — where 69 percent saw an increase in their bill.

One factor that led to increases could be the values the county assigned to properties. About 60 percent of all properties were assessed at a higher value by the county for this year’s tax bills, compared to last year. Officials said one reason for the increase was because property values are increasing in the current housing market.

If your tax bill did go up this year, chances are the increase was small.

About three-quarters of the tax bills that increased this year went up by 10 percent or less, according to an analysis of the bills. On average, tax bills increased about 1 to 2 percent, and for homeowners about 3 percent, according to an analysis of the tax bills.

The same was true if your tax bill went down, where about three-quarters of the bills that decreased went down by 10 percent or less.

The county mailed out the tax bills on April 15, but some residents had not received them until the last couple days, Treasurer Diane Edwards said. If you haven’t received your bill yet, it should come soon. The county will also make a copy for you, she said.

The first payment is due May 10. The second half of your bill will be due Nov. 10.

At a glance

The first half of tax bills is due May 10. Here are ways you can pay your tax bill, if it isn’t already escrowed with your mortgage:

In person: Pay at the treasurer’s office at the courthouse annex, 86 W. Court St., Franklin

By mail: Mail to the treasurer’s office at 86 W. Court St., Franklin, IN, 46131

Pay online: Visit You will be charged a service fee for using the website.

Pay at banks: Several local bank branches will take property tax payments. Pay at First Farmers, First Financial, First Merchants, First National, Horizon or MainSource bank branches.

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Annie Goeller is managing editor of the Daily Journal. She can be reached at or 317-736-2718.