Sheriff warning people of warrant scam

The sheriff is warning residents of a phone scam that claims to be the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

On April 19, a woman came to the sheriff’s office expecting to meet a deputy she said called her and demanded she pay a fine for missing grand jury duty, according to a report from the sheriff’s office.

The woman was told to go to Kroger and get a gift card in the amount of $1,000, then call back with the card numbers and security code, according to the report. The caller then told her to take the card to the sheriff’s office where he would meet her, according to the report.

“Police are never going to call your house and ask for money,” Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said.

If you have a warrant, police are going to come to your doorstep, Cox said.

The sheriff’s office receives reports about phone scams every day, including where the caller is pretending to be someone from the IRS or the sheriff’s office, he said.

“We need people to hang up on these individuals and stop sending these thieves money,” Cox said.

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Corey Elliot is a reporter at the Daily Journal. He can be reached at or 317-736-2719.