Brace yourself, sometimes, its OK to spend more

We all make money mistakes, get a little careless or have a weak moment. However, there are actually times when I intentionally spend more.

Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the ground. Believe it or not, the Queen of Free herself is telling you here and now you shouldn’t always buy the cheapest product. This does not mean you should not get the best deal possible, just that the rock bottom price isn’t always the best.

When it comes to three specific purchases, you should budget a little bit more, skip the generic, and make an informed decision backed with extra cash.


Our feet are our friends. They take us wherever we want to go, while we take them for granted. The cheapest shoes aren’t always the best bet for your budget. In fact, poorly constructed shoes can lead to pain or even a trip to the podiatrist’s office. Skip the economy knock offs and pony up for a pair with the structural support you need.Note: I did not just give you the excuse to go out and buy Louis Vuittons with a side order of Jimmy Choo heels. You still have to be reasonable and stay within a budget. You’d be wise to research the best prices and scout out coupons, too.

Good shoes can increase productivity and keep you from suffering injury that could lead to lost wages for time off work. Proper footwear might cost a bit more up front; however, steep medical bills amount to more in the long run.


Flat tires are no fun. Sure you don’t need white walls or monster truck wheels, you do need a reliable set of tires.Enter your local repair shop. Make friends with your mechanic and build a relationship of trust. Ask someone much more knowledgeable than you are what your best bet might be. Depending on your vehicle, you might have to fork out a few extra dollars but you want those four wheels to last as long as possible.


An average person spends more than 229,000 hours sleeping in his or her lifetime. Wouldn’t it make sense a habit so vital to your health and well being take priority in your spending? Sure you might ride the couch occasionally or use that mattress your Great Aunt Suzy passed along to you for a year or two after college. However, you do need to think about buying a mattress that fits your body’s needs well.Again, this does necessitate a fancy bed with all sorts of dials and doo dads. Instead, find a middle of the road fit and stay within your budget. With a mattress store on almost every corner, there’s plenty of competition in the market.

Don’t forget to check out the big box places where you could purchase mattresses, too — like home improvement stores and warehouse clubs. Check out any rebates available and watch for price mark downs throughout the year.

You never have to be embarrassed that you didn’t buy the most inexpensive item on the shelf and in fact, it might suit you better to spend a little bit more now and again. If anyone gives you guff, just tell them I said it was Queen of Free approved.