String of car break-ins plague Whiteland neighborhood

Whiteland police are investigating 26 car break-ins in recent weeks.

The break-ins happened in three Whiteland neighborhoods and one area of New Whiteland, Whiteland Police Department Sgt. Jason Davis said. He didn’t know the exact dates and times of the break-ins, but police do know they happened at the beginning of April, Davis said.

Each of the 26 cars that were broken into had their doors unlocked at the time, Davis said.

Most of the cars didn’t have any items taken and were rummaged through. Two pairs of sunglasses and a phone charger were reported missing, Davis said.

All of the break-ins occurred overnight and happened on consecutive days, Davis said.

The first evening a total of seven cars were broken into in the Oakville subdivision off of U.S. 31, north of Paul Hand Boulevard, Davis said.

The next night, three cars were broken into in the Spring Hill subdivision, next to the Oakville neighborhood. On the third evening, a total of eight cars were broken into near Arlington Street and Ardmoor Drive, Davis said.

The remaining eight break-ins were reported in New Whiteland, Davis said.

Whiteland police have a few leads and are investigating but have no suspects, Davis said. Police are reviewing several images from home surveillance systems, Davis said.

Residents are encouraged to call 911 if they see someone suspicious walking around their neighborhood late at night, Davis said. Most break-ins happen when cars have been left unlocked, and the thief or thieves walk around a neighborhood checking car doors, Davis said.

“Most of the time, they’ll go through a street or a neighborhood and try to go to every (car) door,” Davis said. “This could all be eliminated by locking their doors.”

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Corey Elliot is a reporter at the Daily Journal. He can be reached at or 317-736-2719.