Help department test well water

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is seeking resident volunteers who would like to have their private drinking water wells tested for contaminants.

The department is conducting its annual ground water assessment survey. Testing will be free.

Using the data collected from those who invite IDEM to test their wells, the agency will be able to evaluate ground water quality in different regions based on factors such as geology, depth to water, depth of the well, and land use.

By scientifically evaluating baseline ground water quality conditions, the agency will be better able to protect the ground water resource, determine how ground water may affect the quality of surface water, and evaluate changes in ground water over time.

The more residents who participate, the more information will be available on water quality in Indiana. By having their well sampled, residents will learn exactly what is in their water. If a concern is found, IDEM will provide the resident with information on how they can reduce their exposure to potential harmful chemicals.

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