Letter: Abortion restriction law has unintended consequence

To the editor:

Abortion restriction bill HB 1337, recently signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence, causes me much concern. As one who strongly believes that all life at any stage within the womb is sacred and inviolable, I would normally support any legislation that lawfully places limits on the ending of innocent human life within the womb.

However, while HB 1337 is well-intentioned, several provisions within the bill including bans on abortion for reasons of sex selection and infant disability diagnosis are poorly thought out and are at best unenforceable — and likely unconstitutional. Vocal opponents of the bill — including Planned Parenthood — understandably focus on the burden the bill places on doctor/patient relationships and potential harm to the emotional and physical health of a mother facing an incredibly difficult decision.

However, my principal objection to HB 1337 has a much different focus — namely that the bill effectively creates unequal treatment under the law. Any strongly held belief that all babies within the womb at any stage of development are in fact human beings must lead to a conclusion that HB 1337 essentially mandates the protection of potentially “damaged” human life while still permitting the destruction of any other human life in the womb for any reason — including “convenience.”

Such an unintended consequence clearly violates constitutional as well as moral law!

David A. Nealy