Marriage Licenses – March 18

Marriage licenses

Nathan Dutton of Greenwood and Allison Crouch of Mooresville

Jenna Woehlke and Mauricio De Oca, both of Greenwood

Cassie Gill and Adam Smith, both of Nineveh

Jamie Welch and Brent Anderson, both of Greenwood

James Frandsen of Greenwood and Carrie Grubb of Franklin

Linda Justice of Franklin and William Marlin of Indianapolis

Akia Kepner and Titiana Glenn, both of Franklin

Floyd Cook and Elenita Cook, both of Trafalgar

Hugo Heras and Maria Lomeli, both of Greenwood

Nithipat Tanmanatragul and Yagi Guo, both of Greenwood

Sara Jackson and Kyle Lengerich, both of Greenwood

Joshua Taylor and Amy Enerson, both of Greenwood

Lindsey Galyan of Greenwood and Spencer Wilson of Franklin

Melissa Blades and Timothy Meirose, both of Franklin

Azia Dwigans and Taylor Shirton, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Wiegert of Whiteland and Ashlie Coward of Indianapolis

Anna Woodke and Wesley Peek, both of Greenwood

Shakira Allen and Ian Jiles, both of Greenwood

Benjamin Burdine and Sijin Wang, both of Franklin

Julie Zinser and Michael Zinser, both of Greenwod

Brooke Hunt and Christian Price, both of Franklin

Ryan Norris and Cheyenne Couch, both of Franklin

Diane Schulz of Franklin and Jeffrey Gindling of Richmond

Lakhinder Kaur and Surinder Singh, both of Greenwood

Rajneet Kaur and Barjinderpal Toor, both of Whiteland