Letter: State Road 135 cause of most traffic concerns

To the editor:

The article on the overload of traffic on State Road 135 between County Line Road and south of Smith Valley Road (“Recent development in area compounds crowding problem,” March 4) was very eye-opening. Many commuters are now seeking other roads — Peterman and Morgantown roads are examples.

South Peterman Road between Fairview Road and Smith Valley Road could really use some tender loving care like Johnson County did on Fairview Road west of Peterman Road. They did a great job on Fairview.

Now the increased traffic on Peterman, which becomes Berry Road south of Smith Valley Road, needs improvements. It sounds like this problem will have to be addressed by the county as traffic will continue to increase.

Marion County improved Railroad Road into a great road. This turns into Peterman south of County Line. Another reason traffic has increased to get off State Road 135.

It looks like counties are left responsible for routes off State Road 135.

Nick Johnson

Center Grove/White River Township