Brett Richey vignette March 9

Name: Brett Richey

Residence: Indianapolis

Age: 37

Brett Richey is a 1997 Franklin College graduate and long-time Indianapolis Colts fan.

He remembers attending games his senior year in college, when the RCA Dome was little more than half full most of the time.

He also remembers attending Colts games after Peyton Manning’s arrival in 1998 — and how hard it’s been scoring tickets ever since.

“He was tremendous for the city. He transformed the city of Indianapolis from an NBA town to an NFL town,” said Richey, who works in Franklin. “Other than Reggie Miller, he’s probably the icon of Indianapolis.”

A long-time Manning admirer, Richey has two vivid memories of the five-time MVP — one a fond one, one a not-so-fond one.

“When he won the Super Bowl with the Colts, that was a huge moment. He was the MVP of the Super Bowl,” Richey said. “Unfortunately, the biggest memory that stands out for me is when (Colts owner Jim) Irsay let him go.

“I understand why he did it. I probably would have done it, too, but it came back to haunt him a little bit.”

That’s because Manning finished his career with a Super Bowl win in Denver.

“He deserved to have two with the career that he had,” Richey said.

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