Marriage Licenses – March 4

Marriage licenses

Laura Miss of Greenwood and Heriberto Alvarez of Indianapolis

Kassandra Jenkins and David Johnson Jr., both of Greenwood

Scott Rohl and Lucy Gerber, both of Greenwood

Kelli Anderson and Christopher Myers, both of Greenwood

Theodore Gray and Jessica Spurling, both of Franklin

Andrea Mosier of Indianapolis and Carl Stamper of Greenwood

Grace Endris and John Spencer, both of Franklin

Adam Gaff of Greenwood and Katharine McAtee, of Indianapolis

Larry Allen of Bargersville and Judith Shaw of Indianapolis

Dennis Downey and Kathy Harrison, both of Bargersville

Casey Chambers and Monika Sharp, both of Greenwood

Jessica Buckler and Jordan Meier, both of Greenwood

Russell Stone II and Linsey Stone, both of Whiteland

Carol Modglin of Greenfield and Crist Johnson of Franklin

Charles Evans and Laura Deskins, both of Greenwood

Herschel McIntosh and Sherri McIntosh, both of Franklin

Betty Lomoro of Greenwood and James Bicknell of Indianapolis

Thomas Milton and Susan Jones, both of Greenwood

Danielle Pieros and Anthony Crabtree, both of Greenwood

Benjamin Sutton and Courtenay Cox, both of Greenwood

Lisa Siegman and Richard Langley, both of Franklin

Megan Olmstead and Benjamin Overby, both of Franklin

Jennie Morgan and Blake Kite, both of Greenwood

Teddi Adams and Michael Park, both of Franklin

Emmanuel Otoo and Indira Ayeh, both of Greenwood

Lawrence Puckett II and Kimberlyn Scott, both of Greenwood

Arthur Kincaid of Franklin and Thelma Pierson of Greenwood

Adrian Hunter of Trafalgar and Kyle Hildebrand of Jacksonville, Florida

Kenna Vondielingen and Travis Kleingartner, both of Greenwood

Stephanie Brooks of Greenwood and Roseanna Saenz of Whiteland