Police: Woman sold meth, drugs

An Indianapolis woman was arrested after police said she sold drugs, including methamphetamine and hydrocodone, to undercover officers three times.

Katrina Anne Kremple, 44, was arrested Tuesday on charges of dealing a controlled substance, dealing methamphetamine and selling fraudulent substances.

Undercover investigators sent text messages and recorded phone conversations with Kremple to purchase drugs, according to a report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. Three times in the last month, Kremple met an undercover officer in Greenwood to swap drugs for cash, the report said.

She sold 30 pills of hydrocodone, a pain medication, and methamphetamine. In the third deal, Kremple claimed to give the officer methamphetamine, but the sheriff’s office tested the substance and it was negative for the illegal drug, according to the report.

After the third deal, police stopped the vehicle Kremple was riding in and arrested her, the report said.

Kremple, 4126 Continental Court, was taken to the Johnson County jail, where she was held on $23,800 bond.