Letter: Presidential candidates need experience

To the editor:

I always feel more comfortable when I can see a little gray hair on my medical doctors and airline pilots. There is no substitute for experience.

In the Republican primary race for the presidency are two young upstarts with no managerial experience whatever, and very little time in office as congressmen. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have never managed so much as a small town office, and yet they have the temerity to seek election to what is arguably the most difficult office in the world to manage.

They have done better in the early states than a number of state governors and former governors with considerable experience and success in managing the complex affairs of their states. It seems inexplicable that the electorate would turn its collective backs on people of proven managerial experience while favoring young tyros of highly questionable ability.

People are fed up with politics as usual and are using this opportunity to say so, but God help us if we throw the baby out with the bath water. People should not confuse unrealistic promises with the ability to carry them out once in office.

President Jimmy Carter was a prime example of a good person, with promising ideas for the country, who failed to push through his program. Let’s not make that mistake again. We should look for a little “gray hair” on the person we select to manage the affairs of our nation. What is true with medical doctors and airline pilots is also true of presidents.

Jim Curry