Best of the Fest Capsules

‘Waffle Street’

Showtime: 7:30 p.m. March 4

Style: Feature narrative

Starring: James Lafferty, Danny Glover, Julie Gonzalo, Dale Dickey, Marshall Bell

What’s it about?

After being laid off at the hedge fund where he worked, and further jaded by his culpability in the financial crisis, James Adams chose to work at a popular 24-hour diner where he claims “most of his financial knowledge has been gleaned.” Offering a fresh take on the fallout of corporate greed, “Waffle Street” tells the tale of Adam’s redemption and unlikely friendship found under the tutelage of Edward, the best short order cook in town.

What makes it special?

“‘Waffle Street’ was a big hit with our audiences at the festival, and we thought it would be a really big hit in Franklin.” — Tim Irwin, artistic director for Heartland Film.

‘Right Footed’

Showtime: 2:30 p.m. March 5

Style: Documentary feature

Starring: Jessica Cox, Patrick Chamberlain

What’s it about?

Born without arms as the result of a severe birth defect, Jessica Cox never allowed herself to believe that she couldn’t accomplish her dreams. An expert martial artist, college graduate and motivational speaker, Cox is also the world’s only armless airplane pilot, a mentor and an advocate for people with disabilities. “Right Footed” chronicles Cox’s amazing story of overcoming adversity and follows her over a period of two years as she becomes a mentor for children with disabilities and their families.

What makes it special?

“This was another story that was very popular with our audiences, and provided a very inspirational story.” — Irwin.

‘Odd Ball’

Showtime: 5 p.m. March 5

Style: Narrative feature

Starring: Shane Jacobson, Sarah Snook, Alan Tudyk, Coco Jack Gillies, Deborah Mailman

What’s it about?

A heartfelt and fun-filled adventure about eccentric chicken farmer Swampy Marsh and his granddaughter, Olivia. In an effort to save their seaside town and reunite their family, they secretly recruit their rambunctious dog, Oddball, to guard a colony of endangered fairy penguins from fox attacks.

What makes it special?

“It was probably the best family film we’ve had in the past few years. To be able to provide something like that was special. I don’t know how they pulled a film about a dog and penguins off without making it cheesy, but it’s a great, enjoyable film.” — Irwin

‘One Day in April’

Showtime: 7:30 p.m. March 5

Style: Documentary feature

Starring: Courtney Bishop, Lisa Hutcheson, Sam Harbison, Ellexis Howey, Kayce Doogs

What’s it about?

“One Day in April” follows four teams of college cyclists as they prepare for the Indiana University Little 500. The film tells the story behind the race — how the riders spend months and sometimes years preparing for one race and one shot at glory. But anything can happen on race day. It all comes down to a few decisive moments.

What makes it special?

“It has such a strong tie to Indiana University, and that proximity was important. It’s a documentary feature that you’re not going to be able to see normally.” — Irwin

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