Goodwill outlet store to open

A new Goodwill outlet store is set to open in Greenwood next week.

The Greenwood Outlet, 927 Emerson Ave., will open Tuesday. The retail store is the fourth Goodwill location in Johnson County and is attached to a new distribution center. Customers can purchase clothing, kitchenware or appliances by the pound, instead of per-item.

The store and distribution center will be open Tuesday, but Goodwill is finalizing the last details, such as signs for the building, vice president of marketing Cindy Graham said.

Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana began building the distribution center and outlet store last year.

Last year, construction on the 125,000-square-foot building, of which 16,800-square-feet is devoted to the retail store, was halted after the contractor cut down trees that should not have been cut down.

When asked to approve the facility, city officials had raised concerns about the location of the building, saying they did not want the distribution center to be built along Emerson Avenue. But Goodwill agreed to certain stipulations from the city, such as limiting the number of truck docks and using high-quality building materials and paying full property taxes, instead of claiming an exemption as a nonprofit.