Support system helps group make strides toward goal

With their first mile logged, a group of southside residents turned years of idle talk and speculation into a reality.

Longtime friends Trinity Coryell, Janeen Bostick, Sharon Walton and Kim Kovacs have talked about running the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. They made plans to sign up, put together training routines and talked about what it would be like when they finished.

But something always seemed to get in the way. This year, the group is determined not to let anything stop them.

The four southside residents have officially started the journey that will ideally end after the 13.1-mile race. They have joined the Baxter YMCA’s Mini preparation program, paid their money and put in their first miles.

None have ever done a half-marathon before. Though they understand how daunting the next three months will be, it’s that mental picture of crossing the finish line in downtown Indianapolis, all four tired, sweaty but satisfied, that drives them on.

“We can all motivate each other. Even though we’re at different levels, someone can say slow down or speed up,” Bostick said.

Bostick found the information about the YMCA training program. They reasoned that if they paid their entrance fee, scheduled their workouts and had people to keep them accountable, they’d be more likely to finish.

Since all four work together at The Phoenix Group, even during the day they can motivate one another.

In addition, Bostick, Coryell and Kovacs have started doing kettlebell workouts together in the early mornings at the YMCA. They found that exercising together gave them a support system that wouldn’t let them fall behind.

“It helps that we all love each other. We can do anything in front of one another, and it doesn’t matter,” Kovacs said. “We can look however we want to look, and not worry about it.”

Their motivations all interlocked together. The women wanted to get in better shape. They all hoped to experience the exhilaration that comes with achieving your goal.

Mostly, they wanted to do something monumental together.

On an icy Saturday morning, the four runners opted for the warmth of the YMCA treadmills for their first long training run. The goal was three miles — achieved by running, walking or any combination of the two.

Afterward, the group cooled down and reflected on their decision to finally tackle the Mini.

“Crossing the finish line, it’s going to be like childbirth,” Walton said. “Tears running down your face because you’ve accomplished something.”

Meet the runners

Over the next three months, the Daily Journal will follow four southside women on their journey to run their first 500 Festival Mini Marathon. We’ll be talking to them about every mile that they log, every personal best they set, every setback they encounter. Meet these new runners and join them toward their ultimate goal of running a half-marathon.

Trinity Coryell

Home: Franklin

Why are you running?

“I’ve always wanted to do it, and didn’t want to do it by myself, so I’ve got my support group.”

Janeen Bostick

Home: Greenwood

Why are you running?

“I want to start it and finish. Every year, I watch it and get excited, say I’m going to do it next year, but never do. For me, I just really want to complete it.”

Sharon Walton

Home: Southport

Why are you running?

“I’ve always liked the idea of running, but never considered myself a runner. There is something freeing about it. I don’t know if that’s going to be me, so I’m trying it out.”

Kim Kovacs

Home: Greenwood

Why are you running?

“I wanted to finish it. My mom has run the Mini, so I wanted to do it.”

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