Marriage Licenses – January 29

Marriage licenses

Kelsie Gray and Christopher Loveless, both of Greenwood

Debra Hartsock of Whiteland and William South of Brazil

Tiffanie Meyer and Justin Leroux Sr., both of Edinburgh

Gabrielle Gilbert and David Wells, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Martel and Brittani Hensel, both of Bargersville

Amber Dilley and Matthew Bechert, both of Franklin

Kathryn Sparks of Greenwood and Alex Jones of Franklin

David Fults and Maria Bass, both of Whiteland

Ashlie Brown and Dean Mow, both of Franklin

Gregory White and Jennifer Rankin, both of Franklin

Amanda Wendell and Raun Smith, both of Greenwood

Adam Lickliter and Amanda Cooper, both of Greenwood

Glendon Stroud and Loretta Harris, both of Trafalgar

Belinda Barreto of Indianapolis and William Ludwig of Franklin

Alyssa Meyer and Logan Compton, both of Edinburgh

Bryan Hatfield and Deana O’Sullivan, both of Franklin

Christine Alldredge and Zachary Mathena, both of Franklin

Michael Ridge Jr. and Kelly Rolley, both of Greenwood

Brandon Arreguin and Savannah Northcutt, both of Franklin

Anthony Fulford and  Jessica Franklin, both of Greenwood

Courtney Spry and Matthew Brown, both of Whiteland

Katie Barker and Joseph Gourley, both of Greenwood

Jonathan Sousa and Stephanie Pendleton, both of Edinburgh

Ashley Lewis and David Ailes, both of Greenwood

John Davis and Katie Kha, both of Greenwood

Mardon Demichele and Alice Green, both of Greenwood

Debra McShea and David Goens, both of Greenwood

Michael Carnagua and Kelley James, both of Greenwood

Jeremy Hughes and Heather Angel, both of Greenwood

Matthew Fiorito of Indianapolis and Heather Trefny of Franklin

Alexandra Burris and Logan Sallee, both of Greenwood

Sabrina Sheehan of Edinburgh and Kyle Huston of Hope

Josue Ceballos of Greenwood and Jessica Szamocki of Maryland

Bryan Hasselbach and Jose Carrasquillo, both of Greenwood

Kristen Clark and Jesse Wisler, both of Franklin

Gudalupe Munguia of Greenwood and William Vasquez of Trafalgar

Calvin Johnson and Hannah Denney, both of Whiteland

Kathy Bienz of Indianapolis and Austin Wilkins of Greenwood