2 enter home, steal purse

Police are looking for two men who forced their way into a woman’s home east of Greenwood, stealing her purse and medication.

The 75-year-old was not hurt but was shaken up after the men came into her home Monday night, her daughter Lori Parker said.

The next day, relatives changed the locks at the home off Rocklane Road and added new security, including motion-sensing lights. The woman had to replace her credit cards and change her accounts, and talk with police and victim advocates about what happened, Parker said.

Parker was furious and said her mother now feels uneasy in her home.

“Right now, I could just pull someone’s head off,” she said.

Police are looking for the men who went into the woman’s home at 7:15 p.m. Monday.

The woman first noticed lights shining into her home and then heard a knock at her door and answered to find a man standing there. The man then walked into the woman’s home, even though she told him he was not welcome inside. Then, a second man came into the home, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office report.

The men told her they needed to check on the wires running from her home’s lightning rod and that she could pay them $10 for the work, the report said.

The woman got her purse to pay the men, hoping it would get them to leave. But the men then began walking through her home, saying they were looking for the wires. One man walked to her bedroom, asking her to join him, where he pointed out where he thought the wires were.

Shortly after, the two men left, the report said.

The woman didn’t realize anything was missing until she needed something from her purse and found it was gone. A bottle of prescription pain pills also was gone, the report said.

The men got away with her checkbooks, credit cards and at least $1,500 in cash, since she recently had cashed some checks, the report said.

Police are investigating and are looking for the men. The woman told police she believed the men were driving trucks, but they had their bright lights on so she couldn’t see their vehicles.

The sheriff’s office is warning people that if anyone comes to their home, they should not let them in and should call 911. And if anyone has experienced something similar, they should report it to the police.

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