School board to decide new elementary building name

Clark-Pleasant soon will be deciding on a name for its newest elementary school.

The current Clark-Pleasant Intermediate School will become an elementary school next school year and could be re-named after a road, the school district, a former administrator or all-star student.

Last year, the school board approved a redistricting plan which will move nearly 900 students to other schools, including the intermediate school, which is becoming an elementary school. All elementary schools will include kindergarten through fifth grade, and the middle school will house grades six through eight.

But the current intermediate school will need to get a new name.

Nearly 100 names were suggested by parents, students and community members, and now Clark-Pleasant school board members will decide between seven finalists.

The most common names suggested were Clark-Pleasant Elementary, Sheek Elementary and Worthsville Elementary, school board president John Venter said.

Other top choices being considered are Grassy Creek Elementary, Worthsville Crossing Elementary and two suggestions named after a former administrator and a Hall of Famer: Sam Wiley Elementary School, named after a former athletics director, basketball coach and assistant principal who worked at the school district from 1970 to 1988; and Ray Crowe Elementary School, named after a 1938 graduate of Whiteland Community High School who is in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

School board members are slated to decide on a final name for the school in February.