Indy man sentenced in pharmacy holdup

An Indianapolis man will spend up to four years in prison for his involvement in a downtown Franklin robbery.

Devan Twitchell, 22, 1310 N. Somerset Ave., was sentenced after pleading guilty to a charge of aiding in a robbery. He faced a maximum of eight years in prison.

Twitchell is the final person to be sentenced in the May 2013 robbery of the former Henderson Drugs pharmacy in downtown Franklin. Two men armed with Airsoft pellet guns walked into the pharmacy at Jefferson and Water streets, told employees to get on the floor and demanded prescription drugs.

After stealing drugs from the pharmacy, the men ran to a minivan that was parked at a nearby church. The owner of the pharmacy grabbed his own gun and shot at the men but did not hit them. The robbery happened when residents and shoppers were in the area and when construction workers were across the street.

Within days and after receiving an anonymous tip about the location of the getaway vehicle, police found the men responsible for the robbery, including two teens who were about to graduate from high school.

Police said Twitchell was driving the minivan the two teenage robbers jumped into.

Twitchell pleaded guilty last year to the felony charge, and faced two to eight years in prison.

Prosecutor Brad Cooper said Twitchell knew the two men were planning to do something illegal but did not think they were going to commit a robbery. Twitchell never walked into the pharmacy or grabbed an Airsoft pellet gun, Cooper said.

Four years is an appropriate sentence, Cooper said. In addition, Twitchell will enroll in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Two years ago, Davonte Hubbard, 21, Indianapolis, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

The other man police said robbed the pharmacy, Hayden Glass, 18, Indianapolis, died of a drug overdose a day after the robbery.