We talked to people about their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to make those changes for 2016. Here is what they said:

Name: Nick Rieger

Residence: Franklin

Resolution: Eat healthier meals

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How he will achieve it: Stop eating fast food; make more meals at home.

Name: Don Kelley

Residence: Franklin

Resolution: Have more successful stock market trades

How he will achieve it: Stick to smaller trades, like day or week trades, and look for solid companies to invest in.

Name: Tamara Anderson

Residence: Indianapolis

Resolution: Lower my cholesterol

How she will achieve it: Only eat red meat or eggs once a month.

Name: Ron Anderson

Residence: Indianapolis

Resolution: Have less road rage

How he will achieve it: He created the mantra “Don’t hurry, be happy” to tell himself when he gets frustrated on the road.

Name: Sophie Read

Residence: Greenwood

Resolution: Drink more water

How she will achieve it: Replace any drink she would normally have with water.

Name: Dana Romero

Residence: New Whiteland

Resolution: Eat healthier

How she will achieve it: Avoid buying junk food so it’s not an option when grabbing a snack.

Name: George Hambleton

Residence: Greenwood

Resolution: Work out more

How he will achieve it: He plans to work out with his sister at the gym for a few hours each night.

Name: Madison Darling

Residence: Greenwood

Resolution: Make it to divisionals in the 100-meter breaststroke

How she will achieve it: She swims in the summer and winter, but now she wants to swim year-round to maintain her strength and speed in the water.

Name: Gina Huff

Residence: Franklin

Resolution: To get stronger and strengthen my core

How she will achieve it: Hire a personal trainer to show her which exercises to do.

Name: Steve Wohlford

Residence: Greenwood

Resolution: To donate more money to Wheeler Mission Ministries

How he will achieve it: He will set up automatic tithing payments once a month to Wheeler Mission Ministries.

Name: Teresa Fobes

Residence: Greenwood

Resolution: To stop smoking

How she will achieve it: She stopped smoking Nov. 19 on the “Great American Smokeout” day by the American Cancer Society. She wants to maintain her smoke-free lifestyle.

Name: Darla Cravens

Residence: New Whiteland

Resolution: To have a healthy year

How she will achieve it: She has Crohn’s disease but was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes this year. She is trying to balance her blood sugar with good foods that help both diseases.