Hearts & Darts – December 28


  • Hearts to Franklin barber Cathy Nance for the extra consideration she gives to older customers, especially those who have difficulty leaving their homes.

Rich Gotshall


  • Hearts to Joe and Renda Tarrh for the awesome job they do delivering the Daily Journal to Needham Elementary School. It is always up by the door out of the elements!

Cindy King

Needham Elementary School

  • Hearts to the Franklin Police Chief Tim O’Sullivan, Franklin police dispatchers, and to the two officers who stopped traffic at the corner of U.S 31 and Jefferson Street in order for the 27 members of the Indianapolis Hiking Club to cross safely. We were on our annual 7-mile walk to view the Christmas lights. Franklin is a small town with a big heart.

Walk leaders,

Mary Williams


Mary Ann Layman


  • The residents of Christina Place want to thank the PEER Helpers from Whiteland Community High School and their leader, Becky Canary,  for the lovely Christmas party they had for us Dec. 19 and the gifts and refreshments they shopped for.

Luella Hughes


  • The Franklin Symphonic Council would like to thank everyone who donated instruments to be used by the Franklin Community Schools’ band program. The response from the community was overwhelming. If you would like to donate an instrument, please contact Karen Sanders at 437-0631.

Linda Airey,


Franklin Symphonic Council

  • Hearts to the Franklin Community High School choir for winning the contest on 105.7 radio. There were many entrants, and they won the $1,250 first prize. I am proud to say I probably know some of them. Way to go kids.

Sue Asher,

retired Northwood cafeteria manager