Teen dies in crash during pursuit

A teen died after crashing during a high-speed pursuit with police that started in Bargersville.

The chase began just after 9 p.m. Friday in Bargersville when an officer was checking on a suspicious vehicle off State Road 135.

It ended when 19-year-old Esteban R. Cuatlacuatl of Indianapolis struck a pole, rolling and flipping his vehicle. The teen was killed in the crash, according to police reports.

Police continue investigating the chase and crash.

Cuatlacuatl had no warrants and no ongoing criminal cases, according to court records.

But officers found illegal drugs in the vehicle, which appeared to be packaged to be sold, according to a news release from Bargersville police. Bargersville police are investigating and are not releasing additional information.

A Bargersville police officer was checking businesses off State Road 135, south of Two Cent Road, and saw a vehicle in one of the parking lots. The vehicle then turned around and turned onto State Road 135 after seeing the officer, the news release said.

The vehicle headed north on State Road 135, and the officer tried to perform a traffic stop after seeing the driver cross over the center line. The vehicle then sped up, and a pursuit began, reaching speeds of more than 100 mph, the release said.

Near the intersection of Stones Crossing Road, the vehicle turned into a fast food restaurant, went around the building and headed west on Stones Crossing Road.

Sheriff’s deputies put down stop sticks, which are used to deflate a vehicle’s tires during a pursuit, at

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