Hearts & Darts – December 21


  • We would like to send a heart of thanks to Pastor Andy Kinsey and Grace United Methodist Church for sharing their baptismal pool with us. It was a great day! Thank you!

Pastor Dan McLaughlin


Community Congregational Church


  • Many huge hearts to all those with heavy hearts at this time. Be strong and keep your faith in our Father. The same to all service men and women for all their hard work and dedication. May God bless all of you and God bless America.

Wilma Jean Hougland



  • Hearts to all the businesses and vendors that donated to the Town of New Whiteland employee Christmas celebration. Our employees were honored and humbled by your kindness and generosity.

Maribeth Alspach

clerk treasurer,

New Whiteland

  • On behalf of my mother, Betty Jo Owen, thank you to all of the Clark-Pleasant Community School students who brighten the days and lives of the residents at The Christina Place. Your visits bring joy and laughter to all that reside there. The gift of time and friendship that you give these special folks is priceless.

Maribeth Alspach

New Whiteland

  • Carmen Madsen and Jill Means: Thank you for volunteering at all of our Greenwood Parks and Recreation special events this year!

Nick Schwab,

Greenwood Parks and Recreation