Blue and white LED lights dance, chase and strobe to the beat of Christmas music in an eye-catching display of illumination.

Light-up signs flash “Merry” from the apex of the roof. Another spells out “Joy” in the front yard. Delicate white-light reindeer and a sleigh beams from the front yard.

Daniel Falks spent weeks putting up his annual holiday light display. In his Bargersville neighborhood, he wanted to help his neighbors and the community in general get into the Christmas spirit.

Falks started his display in 2014. He grew up in Texas, and recalled how decorating was almost a mandate in his town.

“I remember when I was a kid, it used to be every neighborhood. You’d drive through, and every house had their lights on,” “Now, it’s like this neighborhood has one house and this other neighborhood has one house. To see lights, you have to drive all over.”

He wanted to recapture that kind of community unity here.

Falks, his wife Tina and their four kids all help with the display. They estimate that it takes 40 hours or more of work to check the lights to see that they’re working, sync everything to music and hang the displays on the house and yard.

“And he’s not done. He keeps adding more. He ordered more lights already,” Tina Falks said.

Daniel Falks spends hours researching for design ideas and new additions. The newest item is a small conical Christmas tree that gives the effect that it’s spinning.

All of the lights are in blue and white, an ode to his favorite football team, the Indianapolis Colts.

The display has grown to the point where getting supplies has become difficult, Daniel Falks said. The LED lights he uses can change color from blue to white in a single bulb, but when he found that he needed more for the house, he discovered the style had been discontinued locally.

Daniel Falks ended up finding a store in West Lafayette that still carried the lights, and bought the remaining supply to be shipped to his house.

The entire operation can be an ordeal, but Daniel Falks is happy to do it.

“It’s fun for me,” he said. “People are talking about it, and that makes the hard work worth it.

At a glance

Where: 3118 McIntosh Drive, Bargersville

What: Blue-and-white lights set to music, illuminated wording on the house and trees and sleighs in the yard.

Who: Daniel and Tina Falks

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Ryan Trares is a reporter for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at or 317-736-2727.