Marriages – December 11

Marriage licenses

Chelsea Hayes and Tyler Norris, both of Franklin

Steven George and Lisa Neal, both of Greenwood

Katelynn Graves and Bejmain Henriquez-Hudson, both of Greenwood

Nicole Springer and Jacob Combs, both of Greenwood

Kimberly Waldo and Michael Karas, both of Greenwood

Adam Roberts and April Cullen, both of Greenwood

Robert Mountel and Kaitlyn Gotwals, both of Greenwood

Breonna Willey and Darren Sexton, both of Greenwood

Mannie Quinn and Aimee Payne, both of Edinburgh

Tori Clark and Joseph Boyd, both of New Whiteland

Stephan McFarland and Elizabeth Burton, both of Edinburgh

Jaime Britt and Craig Deeken, both of Greenwood

Angela Gill and Jay Jones II, both of Franklin

Krista Langerferman and Grant Linson, both of Greenwood

Brittany Hooper and Justin Phillips, both of Greenwood

Shane Burkett of Greenwood and Jennifer Burrows of Bargersville

Andrew Patterson and Chelsea Little, both of Whiteland

Alexandra Carlsgaard of Bargersville and Patrick Hersman of Greenwood

Kyle Starnes and Samantha Linhart, both of Greenwood

Kate Loughnane and Joseph Belser, both of Greenwood

Lindsey Winneroski and Ryan Rominger, both of Greenwood

Sandra Lee and James Showecker, both of Greenwood

Krystle Burke and Travis Madden, both of Greenwood

Larry Whitten II of New Whiteland and Korrie Trulock of Indianapolis

Sarah Campbell and Matthew Tribble, both of Greenwood

Amanda Phelps and Christopher Murray, both of Greenwood

Stanislaw Rogalski of Australia and Jaclyn Hilton of Franklin

Larry Lowman Jr. and Rosalia West, both of Franklin

Anthony Coraggio and Aleena Lewis, both of Bargersville

Michael Galardo and Shelly Johns, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Gaylor and Elizabeth Schmidt, both of Franklin

Christopher Hehman of New Whiteland and Lyndsey Burton of Columbus

Heather Wilson and Brian Barrett, both of Franklin

Alexis Zimmerman of Greenwood and Anthony Fox of Indianapolis

Reyna Olivos Trejo and Fausto Lopez Martinez, both of Greenwood

Steven Lloyd of Trafalgar and Sherri May of Franklin

Lindsey Lux of Greenwood and Bradley Kleman of Edinburgh

Jessica Craig and Jaime Nunez Castorena, both of Greenwood

Phillip Benjamin of Atlanta and Amber Patty of Greenwood