Letter: Student activity center not just a few athletes

To the editor:

To all citizens of White River Township:

I think you should all consider voting for the proposed Student Activity Center that will be attached to our incredible Center Grove High School. This facility will help all of the students in the school system. It is not just for one group of persons or athletes.

It is something that is desperately needed if we want to continue our growth and advancement that we are all proud of. This facility will give relief to the parents of these students who spend a lot of their time driving to other similar type facilities.

The time and money they spend chasing their hobby or recreation can be kept closer to our homes. I am certain that those of you who are voting no do not have all of the facts, and I encourage you to actually research the facts before signing a petition against this facility.

I am certain if you do your homework with an open mind, you will vote yes for the proposed Student Activity Center. I am certain you have not agreed with every change that has occurred in White River Township these past few decades, but this facility is needed if we wish to continue to grow and draw in quality residents and businesses.

Todd Pence