Letter: Center Grove facility investment in students

To the editor:

The recent letter to the editor addressed to retirees in White River Township to vote no on the building of the Center Grove High School athletic fieldhouse is in direct opposition to the efforts over the past two years to bring more positive development and growth to Johnson County.

I am a recent semi-retiree, and I completely disagree with this negative campaign and the associated misinformation.

We are fortunate that Center Grove High School leadership is simply following similar athletic facility expansion plans already completed by Greenwood and Franklin high schools and addressing the future needs of the larger Center Grove student population.

Given our unpredictable Indiana weather, an indoor practice facility for the athletic teams, band, color guard, dance teams, physical education classes and clubs is essential to providing the best opportunities for Center Grove students to train, develop and compete.

One of the most important outcomes for these students will be the additional scholarship opportunities they could earn by year-round training, significant to many students who hope to attend college but lack the financial resources.

The scare tactic of taxes being raised is false. Center Grove’s chief financial officer explained in the Aug. 14 Daily Journal article that there would be no need to raise taxes since there is a balance with other CG debt being paid off.

The suggestion that only 900 students would benefit is also a gross misrepresentation since thousands of the Center Grove students will benefit with the addition of a larger facility for competitions with other schools.

There are too many Indiana cities and townships that are stagnant or dying because of a lack of leadership. Positive growth, especially with school districts, is essential for a healthy community. Let’s keep growth for Center Grove and White River Township on the right course, I urge you to vote yes for the new Center Grove High School athletic facility.

Steve Spencer

White River Township