Letter: Put academics first in Center Grove schools

To the editor:

Congratulations to “our” Center Grove football team on state championship. I only wish I could be as proud of our school board and administration who constantly attempt to manipulate state law trying to avoid referendums pertaining to all the buildings currently under construction or proposed.

Several multimillion-dollar projects should have been scrutinized by state law (referendums). Instead these were proposed as “additions,” which gets around it. It’s my understanding the newest proposed “fieldhouse” comes in $1 under cost that would require a referendum.

Taxpayers need to sign petitions and tell them these antics won’t fly. This school board needs to be honest with its taxpayers who give them 60 percent of their property taxes! We now have dropped to 40th in the state in academics … how about putting your money here instead of pools, basketball courts and other athletic facilities when we just did this a few years ago!

James W. Long

White River Township