Are you as smart as a fourth-grader?

Next month Indiana will launch a full-year celebration of its bicentennial. Perhaps the most informed residents about this state’s 200th birthday will be 10-year-old children. It is in the fourth grade that students study Indiana’s past. Hoosier history is fresh in their minds.

How about you? How well would you do on a test about the state where you live? Give yourself the following quiz: There are 19 questions (since Indiana was the 19th state to enter the Union.)

1. In what year did Indiana gain statehood? (Remember what we said about next year’s bicentennial celebration.)

2. What is the meaning of the word “Indiana?”

3. What day in December is Indiana’s birthday?

4. What are the three branches of government?

5. Which city served as the first capital of the Indiana Territory?

6. Who served as the first Territorial Governor?

7. When statehood was granted, which city became the capital?

8. Who was the first Indiana governor after statehood?

9. Who was U. S. President when Indiana was granted statehood?

10. Legend says that Indiana’s first constitution was written in the shade of a tree which became a local landmark. What name was given to the tree?

11. Why was the state capital moved to a new city in 1825?

12. How many counties are in Indiana?

13. What animal is seen on the official state seal of Indiana?

14. What is the official bird of Indiana?

15. What is the official flower of Indiana?

16. What is the official tree of Indiana?

17. What is the official state song?

18. What is considered the state pie of Indiana?

19. How many stars are on the Indiana state flag?

ANSWERS: 1. 1816 2. Land of Indians 3. Dec. 11

4. Executive, legislative, judicial 5. Vincennes 6. William Henry Harrison

7. Corydon 8. Jonathan Jennings 9. James Madison 10. Constitutional Elm

11. To have a more central location 12. 92 13. Bison 14. Cardinal 15. Peony

16. Tulip poplar 17. On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away 18. Sugar cream pie

19. 19 stars

HOW DID YOU DO? 16 to 19 correct: You are a true Hoosier. Have a slice of sugar cream pie.

12 to 15 correct: Better brush up on state history for the bicentennial.

Less than 12 correct: Invite a fourth-grader to lunch and be sure to take notes.