Marriage Licenses – November 13

Marriage licenses

Amber Jones of Greenwood and Derek Fields of Indianapolis

Kathryn Cox of Franklin and Zachary Smith of Fort Polk, Louisiana

Angela Billings and Jeffrey Houchins, both of Greenwood

Aaron Watson of Columbus and Cheyanna Dye of Whiteland

Samantha Mathena and Michael Stewart, both of Morgantown

Ashley Lahne of Bargersville and Robert Myers of Greenwood

Justin Miller and Yesenia Hernandez, both of Greenwood

Michael Krutchen and Kelsey Klosterman, both of Whiteland

Alyssa Sykes and Trenton Bryant, both of Edinburgh

Steve Jordan Jr., and Peggy Hochstetler, both of Greenwood

Hannah Robbins of Edinburgh and Noah Miller of Greenwood

Rachel Jepsen and Charles Polston, both of Greenwood

Matthew Ross and Briana Harvey, both of Greenwood

Jennifer Gibson of Indianapolis and Thomas Harke of Franklin

Kristie Begley and Popular Oliver, both of Franklin

Katherine Harris and Cody Meyer, both of Greenwood

Susan Holdren and Steven Bowsman, both of Greenwood

Erika Denneman and Hank Surface, both of Franklin

Ashley Glenn and Michael Carnes, both of Greenwood

Thomas Parten and Rosemary Masters, both of Greenwood

Golrokh Arshadi and Jaffargholi Golkhajeh, both of Whiteland

Angela Kidwell and Joshua Carrigg, both of Greenwood

Brooklyn Hendricks of Franklin and James Skaggs Jr. of Whiteland

Dustin Wildrick and Ashley Ware, both of Whiteland

Heather Brown and Joseph Campbell, both of Greenwood

Kyle Gray and Brooklyn Lamar, both of Greenwood

Douglas Snell and Kerry Kepp, both of Greenwood

Danielle Popwers and William Robertson, both of Greenwood

Stephanie Siler and Caroline Wesley, both of Franklin

James Smith and Joann Meyer, both of Franklin

Ronald Butler and Angela Burdine, both of Whiteland

Victor Cardoza II and Zachaery Lacefield, both of Greenwood

Taylor Gurley of Greenwood and Case McGann of Indianapolis

Lauren Hamilton and Joel Flatter, both of Greenwood

Sara Bauer of Bargersville and Jesse Leggins of Columbus

Rachel Kalugyer and Anthony Beaman, both of Greenwood

Joshua Schmitt and Mayra Laranajar, both of Greenwood

Joseph Kleptz and Angela Vanover, both of Greenwood

William Gabbert Jr. and Thomas Moit, both of Greenwood