A new van that was purchased to provide transportation for veterans was paid for with money that was raised by donations from the community and was in a trust fund at Johnson County Community Foundation. 

The new van is the second of its kind that will be used for veterans who need to get to the Roudebush V A Medical Center. Access Johnson County dispatch schedules veteran rides to and from the medical center.

Johnson County veteran Virgil Kappes, and a committee of fellow veterans who volunteered time, found that disabled veterans in Johnson County need rides to the pharmacy, bank and other every-day errands, but do not have the financial means to pay for public transportation. Kappes and the committee have raised about $1,000 to provide money for disabled veterans to use public transportation through Access Johnson County. The $1,000 was put into an account for Access Johnson County to use as veterans use public transportation.

This information was incorrect in Thursday’s Daily Journal.

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